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Who is this for


Who's it for?

Stress management is intended for anyone who wants to cope with stress.

Not everyone is aware of their own stress.
The concept of stress itself
is very broad, it manifests and is experienced in different ways.

This is a summary of some of the most common experiences of stress-related difficulties.

In Business:

  • Not being able to perform optimally

  • Teams where cooperation less than smooth

  • Burn out & prevention of burn out

  • Unrest & chaos

  • Anxiety & uncertainty

  • Increased irritability

  • Conflicts at work

  • Managers with an excessive workload

  • Public speaking & communication

In private life:

  • Physical manifestations of stress:

A sense of being overwrought, too highly strung
High blood pressure
Recurrent ulcers
Sleeplessness coupled with worry & constant thoughts
Chronic headaches & migraine

  • Uncontrollable anger.

  • Stress due to personal circumstances (relationship, ...)

  • A sense of not being able to live your life in a somewhat balanced way.

  • Prevention of and recovery from depression: depressions often have a recurring character; preventing a relapse is therefore important.

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